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« It is never too late to be what you might have been. » G. Eliot​

Coaching is a powerful support for your professional and personal development, by revealing and boosting your potential and aligning yourself with your talents and deep inspirations.​

Coaching can be impactful for anyone at any levels.

It is all the more useful when you hold a leadership role, to help you develop the essential skills needed to become a efficient leader in today and tomorrow workplace.

Because you are the best judge of how to find the solutions that best fit the issues you are facing, coaching doesn’t offer ready-to-use answers but provides you an objective and personalised help to analyse the situation, open and explore different options, build up an action plan and support you towards your goals.

Quynh Anh has a holistic, global and pragmatic approach. Being equipped with multiple techniques, she will coach you with what fits you best to create the optimal tango dance that coaching can be, and challenge you to look inwards and/or outwards to help you meet your objectives.

Consider Quynh Anh as the sparring partner that you don't have in your organisation.

Coaching is future and objectives orientated. Its process reflects this purpose. More on the process...

Coaching focus:

Leadership skills, soft skills, emotional intelligence, efficient communication, influence, relationship efficacy, intercultural management (more on intercultural coaching...), conflict management, stress management, public speaking, personal development, personal effectiveness, personal vision and mission development, career development, interviews preparation, capacity to build empowered teams, capacity to develop oneself and others, etc...


ING, Head of Wholesale banking

”I strongly recommend Quynh Anh for her professional and holistic approach of personal and career coaching. Thanks to carefully chosen techniques and by asking adequate questions, she helps you demystifying your fears and making your decisions. She helps you finding the right tools to move forward and as she says: "I'm your coach, but YOU are running"‬

European Commission, DG TRADE, Head of Unit

"If you are a seasoned professional or team leader who needs a profound and at times challenging conversation about where you are coming from, where you want to go, and how to get there, then Quynh Anh is the coach and sparring partner you want. She creates an atmosphere of deep trust and understanding, listens carefully and somehow just knows how to ask you the pertinent questions you need to explore and find answers to."

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