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Intercultural coaching and expat' coaching


Together with coaching, some subjects can be reviewed and worked on, in the form of a workshop organized either individually or with a group.

  • ​Intercultural adjustment

Intercultural adjustment applies to both countries culture and companies culture differences.

“Culture shock” summarizes the need of a learning process to adjust to a new culture.

This workshop and follow-up coaching sessions enable you to better evaluate your strengths and limits, clarify your expectations by reviewing the main characteristics of the new culture you are facing. The aim is, through self and other's awareness, to broaden your scope and better integrate new horizons to yours to optimise your activity.

  • ​Expat’ process

An expatriation, though usually sounding exciting, has its share of stress and challenges for both the working partner and the rest of the family.

Between the peaks of discovery and delights, an expatriate can go through valleys of disappointment, homesickness etc. Getting prepared help you go through all those challenges smoothly and optimize the privileged expatriation experience.


​This intercultural and expat' coaching program has been fueled in by my personal experience, by tools provided by main consulting groups for which I worked, and completed with a Leadership & Coaching Across Cultures training by Philippe Rosinski.

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