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Like in sports, having great individuals in an organisation doesn’t mean having a great team. A performant team works in collective intelligence. To do so, it needs trust, collaboration, communication, motivation, energy, synergy,... to go forward and together towards a common vision, common goals.

With team coaching, you will go through a building process, growing all those indispensable elements.

A team is first of all a system in which individuals are interlinked in a very specific dynamic. Team coaching using the very powerful systemic approach helps:

  • understand and improve the system and its dynamic as a whole

  • bring a better understanding of each member's way of functioning

  • enhance communication and trust within the team

  • help resolve conflicts and help the team finds its own way to resolve future potential tensions

  • optimise each member's strength and have the team develop collaborative work onto projects

  • provide leaders deep comprehension of and develop further their management style



Excellent profiling tools such as the HBDI, Team Booster or Team management System can also be used to provide a comprehensive visualisation of the team's dynamic.

Team coaching can there be used for:

  • team integration

  • organisational development

  • conflict management

  • team continuous development

Within team integration contexts, Quynh Anh has a specific expertise in intercultural coaching (more on intercultural coaching...)

Team coaching focus:

• Enhancing team cohesion & effectiveness

• Collective intelligence

• Soft skills & emotional intelligence

• Communication and relationship efficiency

• Culture change

• Developing team dynamics awareness – psychometrics testing

• Intercultural coaching

• Conflict management

• Organisational development: mission, vision, values, roles, structure, collaboration, decision flow…


CHU Namur, Head of radiotherapy department

Amazing professionnal coaching trajectory, both during team and manager coaching. Department and personal mood significantly improved and recognized by all. Old issues previously never solved come to happy ending, up to structural changes in the organisation. My only sadness is not having met Quynh Anh and her successful methods earlier. Highly recommended.

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