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Beyond my corporate and entrepreneur background, my coaching practice relies on concepts and models based on the Palo Alto strategic and systemic approach, the systemic approach by Malarewicz, Transactional Analysis, and global and integrative coaching that includes multi dimensions.

​The focus of a coaching is on the future, to go forward.


The aim of the whole process is to help the coachee reach pre-defined goals while bringing him/her to his/her full autonomy. Coaching is a non-directive reflection process where the coachee finds his own way and takes full responsibility of his decisions.

The process

Preliminary meeting to introduce all parties and the needs to be worked on.

Deep analysis of the coachee’s needs, demand and goals to define the coaching contract. This meeting may include any other stakeholders if the coaching request originates from the coachee’s organization.

Coaching meetings where we analyze the situation, explore, open up a whole range of possibilities and options, evaluate the resources and competencies, the priorities, the consequences, test and try, as for the coachee to build up his own action plan. Each meeting may have its own sub-goals as to reach the global objectives.

Follow-up of the action plan.

Review of the results vs the original objectives.​

A review at mid-coaching can also be planned if necessary with all the stakeholders involved.

Coaching doesn't follow a linear process: stages 2, 3 and 4 can be repeated if need be.

Each meeting usually lasts between 1hrs30min to 2hrs and takes place on an average every three weeks.

I am offering coaching services in French and in English, in face-to-face or virtual meetings.

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