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Though coaching needs are usually interlinked, you may want to focus on one in particular.

  • Soft skills development

Performance doesn’t solely depend on hard skills. Because most of us are part of a community and deal with other people, soft skills are essential for you to make the difference.

Soft skills are all related to human factors: leadership, people management, teamwork, relationship efficiency, EQ development, influence in matrix organizations, conflict management, cultural adjustment, stress management, communication, presentation, negotiations...

There is not one type of leader nor one way to manage or negotiate. Because you are unique and because you are facing unique individuals, we will explore your uniqueness, your specificities and your emotional intelligence skills, to enable you to perform at your best in your environment.

It is often said that hard skills will get you an interview but you need soft skills to get and grow in the job.

  • Career development

This includes issues such as
- going through a career transition, taking up a new role and facing new responsibilities, optimizing your career path, planning a 180º career change,
- or dealing with dismissal and rebuilding yourself for the next step, or preparing your retirement

A career coaching will have you go through your core talents and competencies, your strengths and weaknesses, reveal your potential, your deep inspirations and work on your vision. It is an exploration work for you to make use of what is best in you, for you to be fully aligned with yourself, for you to have a clearer view of your future.

I am deeply convinced that sustainable performance comes in pair with happiness.

  • Project management and business development

In a coaching process, solutions are not just handed out, even if my business background is an added value.

We work on clarifying your vision for your project or business development, evaluating your resources, your priorities, your environment, explore all different options and their consequences for you to define a clear direction for your project and build up a related action plan.

  • Personal development

​Coaching for personal development includes a broad varieties of subjects that usually lay across both your personal and professional life such as your work/life balance, self esteem, confidence, self-fulfillment, life alignment… the aim being to feel better, to blossom, move forward and be happy.

Coaching will open a reflection process that will help the coachee find his/her own resources to answer his/her challenges.

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